fredag 2. september 2011

Good day!

Theese day I am very busy, so life is more or less like it normally is. As you know I am a very busy cat. Also finally the weather is a little cooler, so it is easier to get things done. That does off course only afflict the other citizens, as I am alwyas working on full speed, whatever happens.
The last days I have encountered a new problem though, who makes my life even harder than normal. I have been attacted by the evil honeylice. Honelice is the scum of the world, but you probarly knew that all ready. Everybody who has ever met honelice whish they never had. Still it is off course even worse for me, as my beautiful fur look really bad after the honeylice have been through it. The sugarcandy look just doesn't work for me. Not that it work for anybody else either, especially us cats, but with my long silky fur, well, just let us say that the honeylice enjoyes the ectra inc of fur. Are you aware how heavy it is to drag along on the candyversion of your own fur. Both physical and psycologial it is a nightmare. Than you have to put everything on hold to get it cleaned out, it takes for ever, and inflict badly in your allready tight schedule. Napping and hunting has to be put on a minimun. Which is bad, as you don't get enough exercise, and that is somehting you really need when you have to carry around on that extra weight. The other cats has also warned me that it is of vital importance that you get the hard candy sugar out of your fur as soon as absolutely possible, beacause the humans would otherwise think something as silly as you need help, and than to the unthinkable and *blaaah, yike, spit spit spit* bath you. Like the honelice isn't bad enough, oh no, the humans want to torture you as well. So as you can see, life is hard these days, but than again, nothing new in that either.
Until next time!!
Byebye King Tiny

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  1. Oh Amandus, you are so gorgeous. I wish I could give you a cuddle...maybe one day, I hope.