onsdag 14. september 2011


Here I am again!
Sorry I haven’t popped by earlier, but sincerely, I do have a lot to do these days. You see two sub-humans have arrived. They claim to be the parents of our female human actually. Still, I can’t help it; humans that aren’t ours are a bit scary until proven otherwise, so I admit to have been stalking them from a safe distance until I could figure them out. To be honest they seem to have several good gifts. My good friend Seniora has even told me that they have magic fingers that do wonders for an old experienced cat’s fur. Apparently these hands also are attached to nice laps who work very well indeed as nice comfy madras while the hands are petting the fur. Still I prefer to just sit next to them, ready to bolt into the kitchen, where they have shown themselves useful to fill up that food bowl of mine, which are always empty. Off course, at that point, more training is seriously needed, as they could fill up that bowl a whole lot more! I am hungry you now, and need food to grow proper.

Ehem, but I think it would have worked better if I had been the model for this piece!
Here the other day they arrived home with some art pieces that Mr Purr had model. As you can imagine I am rather stunned to learn that I wasn’t used as the model here, Honestly, I am shocked, and the Model himself…… As you can see, I am showing my disgust for the matter. 

My at my desk in the news room.
Yours sincerely mjaus
The one eyed King Tiny

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  1. Amandus, I don't know how you cope with all the work you have to do. And now you have had to deal with Sub-Humans too. A cat's work is never done. I do hope you've tried out their laps by now.

    I had a look at the statue and thought it was rather nice. Not as nice as if you'd been the model of course, but still very nice. You do look rather good at your desk. Have a great day.